Things to take: 

  • A torch
  • Mosquito protection
  • Walking boots or firm shoes
  • In spring and autumn warm clothes and rain protection
  • On the island, there is no bancomat and no tobacco shop
  • Your luggage or major shopping can be brought up by mule or donkey - please let us know in advance and we'll make arrangements. 

Arrival and departure

Arrival by plane:

  • Through Catania: from Catania Airport you take a direct bus from Catania Aeroporto to Milazzo Porto (final destination). This direct connetction exists only during summertime. Further Information on Giunta Bus.

During winter, spring and autumn you have to change in Messina. First, take the bus from Catania Aeroporto to Messina Stazione (SAIS BUS) and from Messina Stazione to Milazzo Porto (Giunta Bus).

From Milazzo by ferry (Siremar or Usticalines) to Alicudi.

  • Through Palermo: take the airport express to the harbour and then the Aliscafo to Alicudi (Usticalines). This connection is only during summertime possible. 


Arrival by ferry: 

  • Naples: from the Naples Stazione take the express bus to the harbour. Take the night ferry (Siremar) to the Eolian Islands. In the morning change ferries at Salina for Alicudi. 


Cars can't be taken to Alicudi but there are places in Naples or Milazzo, where oyu can leave your car. 

From the Port to Pianicello / Vallone

The ways on Alicudi are signed with colourful symbols. The red way goes directly to Pianicello and the blue way goes over San Bartolo to Pianicello. 

Other accommodation at Alicudi Porto see:


Holger Stark

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Via Pianicello 5

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