Take a break in Alicudi

Welcome to the houses in Pianicello and Vallone

If you are looking for a special holiday resort and want to escape the daily routine at least for a while! You will enjoy the houses in Alicudi:

Plenty of open space, tranquility and an amazing view of the sea and the two active volcanoes (Stromboli and Etna) will reward your ascent.


We rent houses in Pianicello (400 meters over sealevel) , a remote little place in Alicudi, and in the Vallone (150 meters over sealevel) that is closer to the port of the island. 

Casa Falcuni / altitude 150 meters

At an altitude of 150 meters you can rent the “Casa Falcuni”, a house approximately 15 minutes from the port and the "bottega". It accommodates 2-4 persons and is equipped to modern standards. There is a terrace in front of the house as well as an outdoor shower. The house is built on two levels and therefore a spiral staircase leads you from the living to the bedroom. You can enter the bedroom across a little patio as well. The house is perfect for guests who wish to spend their holiday near the sea and the village.


Price per night from 115€

plus cleaning/bed linen/towels extra 70€

Casetta in Pianicello / altitude 400 meters

Situated at an altitude of 400 meters over sealevel we rent the tiny house "Casetta". It is suitable for 1-2 persons and offers a living room, a little kitchen, bathroom and terrace! In Pianicello we only have solar eletricity - eletricity from the roof for the fridge, light, sockets and the water pump!


Price per night from 45€

plus cleaning/bed linen and towels extra 40€


Casa Pianicello / altitude 400 meters

Situtated at an altitude of  400 meters you can rent a house with an old and traditional kitchen oven - an artwork. The house offers place for max 3-4 persons. In Pianicello we only have solar eletricity - electricity from the roof for fridge, light, sockets and the water pump.


Price per night from 75€

plus cleaning/bed linen and towels extra 50€



Holger Stark

Miriam Degen

Via Pianicello 5

98050 Alicudi (ME)


0039 328 71 69 460

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